Deep Roots

Novotorium has deep roots in health, wellness and nutrition as well as the startup community. We’re committed to helping our startups tap into the money, network and resources required to achieve long-term, sustainable growth.

Nurturing Hands

Our staff, strategic partners and service providers have the insights, expertise and capabilities to help nurture your startup whether you are just at the germ of an idea or well on your way to achieving long-term, sustainable growth.

Healthy Perspectives

The heart of every successful startup is character, capabilities and quality of people. Our entrepreneurs, partners and staff are people of strong character, committed to bringing healthy perspectives to startups.


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Novotorium’s Business ModelNovotorium Business Model Chart Small

Novotorium has created a unique business model that gives startups ranging from Concept through Sustainable Operations. If you’re an entrepreneur focused on creating, growing and operating a health, wellness or nutrition business, please consider becoming part of Novotorium – the place where new businesses grow. Our program is flexible to accommodate entrepreneurs at various stages of business development, ranging from those who are just starting to develop their business concept, to those who have launched and are refining their business and product offering, to those who are operating sustainable businesses.

With the exception of our Business Planning & Launch Class for early stage entrepreneurs, we have rolling admissions with no set deadlines for applying, starting or concluding your work with Novotorium.

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